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Prostar wireless proudly presents the Teldan solution

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Prostar's diverse mobile solutions provides a comprehensive suite of products.

From its successful 1997 launch and initial sole partnership with Nextel in California to the growth and development of three communications entities, Prostar Wireless continues to be a dominant player in the wireless communications industry. Whether it is helping to grow our partner relationships or design a new wireless data solution for the Nation’s largest pizza delivery company, Prostar has the resources, people, and vision to help grow our customers’ success.


Our Mission is to be the first choice in channel partnership while offering the most comprehensive suite of wireless solutions and data options to our clients.

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Dealers and customers need immediate access to equipment, software, accessories, and credit terms appropriate to their business model. Prostar works closely with our suppliers and vendor partners at many different levels in support of our customers and our dealers. We're not a newcomer to the industry. We’ve been working since 1997 to grow and support our valued customers and dealers, some of whom have been working with us for over 17 years.

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Prostar's diverse mobile offerings provide a comprehensive suite of products including solutions that bundle voice and data plans, hardware, state of the art software, dynamic product development and extraordinary support.


From recycling paper products and computer hardware to purchasing energy-efficient support equipment, ProStar strives to be efficient and environmentally responsible. Prostar ISMs drive the fuel-efficient Toyota Prius and our offices are modest and cost-effective. We believe it's better to invest in our business and scale for the long haul. Since 1997, we have worked hard to create and maintain a business that provides a solid foundation on which our partners can build.

Why integrate multiple systems when you only need one? Teldan is the only complete delivery GPS tracking solution that manages the circumference of your delivery business, protects your assets, and drives compliance. From driver safety to delivery excellence, Teldan supports all delivery points of your business.



Why Teldan

Because it is too cool and because there is nothing else like it.

Real-time GPS tracking, visual dispatch, mapping and zoning, driver que and status dashboard. Comprehensive reporting options, including revenue, run rates, driver specific statistics and more.

GeoFencing and Multiple Safety Alerts - 911 single safety button, stationary alerts, no calls when car is moving, outside zone alert, check list process and audits.

"Teldan Glimpse" is your customer facing application for total transparency, real-time order status and shared driver profile.

Complete operational oversight increases your efficiency, security and compliance. Real-Time Dashboard and reporting. Built in credit card processing and signature capture.

Activity based audit trail for each stage of the delivery process including location, driver, shift, run and order.

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The Teldan platform was everything I needed to capture the data and to manage the solution.

When they say automated, they mean it. Teldan delivers.

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